Yes. On the Study Manager, click "Add Collaborator" and provide the collaborator's email address and level of access (Manager, Approver, or Observer). The collaborator will receive an email inviting them to collaborate with you on the study. 

You can add (i.e. fellow researcher, research assistant, and/or intern) as a “collaborator” to any study that you’d like them to manage by clicking the “add collaborator” link in the study manager.  So for example, you can have the main admin of the study and various collaborators with various degrees of privileges.  When you add someone as a collaborator, they can be either an Manager, Approver, Observer.

Here are the differences between the various roles: 

Manager: can purchase approvals, edit the study, and approve or reject participants; 

Approver: can purchase approvals and approve or reject participants, but cannot edit the study; 

Observer: can purchase approvals and view the study manager, but cannot edit the study or approve or reject participants.)

This gives your entire team access to manage the study and communicate with participants, as well as record notes on participants in the study page that the entire team can access.  Add a collaborator now by going to your Researcher Account!