How To for Researchers

  1. Create a Researcher account at by selecting the “Researchers” tab at the top.



2. Once logged in, select “Create a study” and begin filling out your study’s information.



a.Contact information. (this allows a participant to see the name of your organization and allows Research And Me to contact you),

b. Study information. This includes the study’s title, a description of the study of what participants are required to do in order to participate, compensation for participants time/travel),

c. Eligibility Questionnaire This allows the researcher to ask questions that will determine whether the participant meets the demographic and health requirements for their study. It serves as a useful precursor screener for researchers, but is not a requirement.

d.Checkout and Go! Once you study is filled out, go ahead and checkout (studies are $99 to list and have no expiration). Once your payment is processed, your study will be publicly listed, distributed to the Research And Me database, and extensive marketing will be done on your behalf! This means that you and your lab have a dedicated team working towards getting your study out to the demographic that you have requested conducting paid and organic marketing efforts on your behalf. You can sit back and watch participants register for your study over night!  


3. Approving and Rejecting Participants.  You will begin getting email alerts whenever a participant registers and completes your eligibility questionnaire.  Research And Me recommends approving or rejecting registered participants 24-48 hours after the participant registers in order to let the participant know whether they qualify and to allow optimal retention for the Researcher.  Research And Me will generate an email to the Participant letting them know whether they were approved or rejected.  If approved, the Researcher will contact them further to call and/or schedule a clinic visit.


4. Schedule Clinic Visits Through Research And Me.  Upon approving a Participant, the Research And Me scheduler allows you to email the participant and schedule their visits.  You can also rate them and make notes based on your interaction with the Participant. 


5. Archiving a study.  You can list your study as long or as little as you would like—there is no expiration. If you are finished recruiting for your study, we recommend archiving it which will make it no longer publicly visible.  If you choose to recruit for the study in the future you can, just unarchive it and all the study information will be publicly visible again!



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