Step 1: Log on to and create a Participant Account. The best part is creating am account is free and the studies pay YOU money for your time and travel! 


Step 2. Search for studies in your area! Just enter your zip code and the distance that you would be willing to travel to the study. View the studies in the area (a graphic of the page being scrolled down displaying the studies)


Step 3. Register for studies (as many as you would like!)


Step 4. Wait for the Researcher to contact you to set up a day and time to meet! The Researcher will provide compensation after the clinic visit is complete.  


Some commonly asked questions…


1. How can I share the study? There are ways to share the study (see the tabs listed next to the study listing).



2. Why do I need to provide my phone number? In order to provide researchers with reliable contact information, we require that participants provide both a phone number and an email address. The phone number is not stored in your profile and is only provided to the researcher administering the study.


3. Why do I need to provide my gender and age? Gender and age are requirements for nearly every research study, so they are required when registering. However, the researcher is only provided with an age range and is not shown your exact age or birthday.

4. Why do I need to answer questions to register? Researchers can create a custom eligibility questionnaire for each study. The answers to these questions are provided to the researcher and are used to determine whether you're eligible for participation. Please answer them honestly and to the best of your ability.

5. What should I write in the Reason for Interest? This is your opportunity to provide some background on why you're interested in the study and why you think you might be a good candidate for participation. If you're registering on behalf of someone else (a parent or child, for example), you can mention that as well. To preserve participant anonymity, please do not include any personally identifying details or contact information.


6. Now What?  I registered a while ago, why haven't I heard back?

Please note that the decision to determine whether participants are eligible lies solely with the researcher; Research And Me cannot determine eligibility or provide an exact timeline for when a researcher will respond to registrations.