COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the clinical research industry. Travel restrictions are increasing and additional barriers are being experienced by trial patients receiving treatment.  Research And Me values the importance of research especially during these times of uncertainty. We will continue to advertise your study on social media and to our database if you are actively recruiting and emailing participants.  Please keep us updated on your study’s status in order to best serve you. Thank you!

In the meantime, while many people have transitioned to teleworking, here are some important ways you and your team can work together using Research And Me's service: 

1. Collaboration Tools. Researchers have the option to add multiple collaborators to their study and assign various roles to maintain coordination and awareness during the duration of your research study/studies.


2. Integrated Email Access. The platform’s email service allows Researcher(s) to email participants directly through the system and maintains communication on one platform. This reduces the amount of time spent having to cut/paste emails into a separate email platform and include all parties on the email. Research And Me is a comprehensive solution.


3. Track Participants Status. The system allows the Researcher(s) to track the participant’s status throughout the recruitment cycle and reduces the need for separate tracking mechanisms.


4. Understand Analytics. Research And Me offers an Analytics page that allows the Researcher(s) to view their study's performance, how many Participants their study has reached, how many Participants opened their study, and how many Participants registered. It also allows the Researchers to integrate other forms of advertising that they may use via social media/various online advertising and track the progress in our Analytics page.


5. Onboard Assistance. We have our dedicated Research And Me Team available to answer any questions and assist Researchers with onboarding and getting started during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, we have a chat feature offered on our home page that would facilitate quick interactions with Researchers and Participants. 

 Take care and stay healthy and happy!

-The Research And Me Team

412-532-8326 (main)